Power your community platform

Outfox is your comprehensive community software solution designed to empower European universities in building, managing, and engaging their vibrant communities.

For European Universities

Designed specifically for the unique needs of European higher education institutions.

Secure Collaboration

Robust encryption and privacy controls, ensuring the safety of academic data and communications.

Connect and collaborate

Foster a vibrant academic community across borders.

Team up beyond borders

At Outfox, we understand the dynamics of European Universities. Our feature-rich platform is crafted to support the rich tapestry of academia across Europe, fostering collaboration, and advancing knowledge.

Tailored for European Universities

Specifically designed in alignment with the goals of the European University Initiative, catering to the unique needs of European higher education institutions.

Intuitive User Experience

Familiar interface that complements university workflows and encourages cross-border collaboration.

Private community

Access exclusively granted to validated members from affiliated universities, ensuring a trusted community environment.

Custom Branding

Design the platform to align with your institution’s branding, ensuring a cohesive look and feel.

Ready to get started?

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