Our Mission

Outfox is a leading provider of digital community software tailored for the European University Initiative, offering a collaborative and inclusive online space that enhances communication, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and support services.


By empowering alliances formed under the initiative, Outfox contributes to their success in promoting European cooperation in higher education and research.

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Why Outfox?

We’re here to link up Europe’s best minds, helping our continent shine bright in the world of research and innovation.


Outfox is more than just software. It’s our dream of bringing Europe’s researchers closer together. We want to make it easy for them to team up, share their work, and come up with big ideas. By doing this, we hope to make Europe a top spot for groundbreaking studies and new discoveries.

Joining Minds

We make it simpler for researchers from different parts of Europe to work together.

Innovation Hub

We aim to make Europe the place where the coolest research breakthroughs happen.

Teamwork Wins

We believe that when bright minds work together, amazing things can happen.


As the Business Developer at Outfox, I am dedicated to crafting scalable business models, with a firm conviction that scalability is the foundation of genuine impact.

Richard Heesen


Serving as the CTO of Outfox, I merge my profound technological acumen with a background in business economics to bolster European research collaboration and champion societal change.

Marcel Oostdijk


Growing since 2005

Outfox began its journey as a solo venture in 2005. What initially took shape as a one-man agency steadily branched out, embracing a myriad of projects.

Diverse Impact Across Sectors

Over the years, Outfox’s footprint expanded, crafting unique communities and portals tailored for a diverse clientele. From the public and social sectors to healthcare, education, the private sector, and consultancy, Outfox’s reach has resonated across various domains.

Community at the Core

For Outfox, it’s clear: communities are powerful. We’ve seen firsthand that when diverse individuals unite, incredible advancements emerge. This belief drives our mission, always pushing us to create platforms that build and strengthen bonds between people.

Championing Global Collaboration

Central to Outfox’s ethos is the magic of collaboration. We hold that by combining perspectives from various corners of the world, we can usher in truly innovative outcomes. This philosophy has guided Outfox’s evolution, making it a vibrant arena for international cooperation and inspired co-creation.

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